Integration of
We Know Data
into your in-house

Getting started

Web API gives you the flexibility to search and generate reports, and play with the report data in JSON format, by using restful Web API. You just need to sign up with WeKnowData, and start with free web API portal.


You need to have an API Key to authenticate and recognize your Web API requests. For this reason Sign up with WeKnowdata and request an API Key.


Request an API Key by logging in, If you are already signed up.

Search Busineses

You can send request to web api, to search companies by its name, city, state or address information. And you will be presented a complanies data as JSON response.

Generate Reports

Once you have the companies data, you can pick any number of the companies, and request web api to generate and return the report data in the JSON format.

Why Choose Us?

Web API Support.

We know data not only provide the web based reports, but it also exposes the Web API to search businesses and generate reports.

Real credit scores.

We Know Data offers real credit scores based on trade data, not modeled scores like some of the other companies.

Real time information.

By accessing multiple databases we are able to provide the most up to date information available.

Social media.

We monitor social media networks in order to keep you aware of the most recent company news.